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3 Basic Tips on Buying Men’s Fur Hats

Fur hats have been around for years.  There are different types of fur hats.  They are a Russian style fur, Trapper Fur hats, Aviator Fur Hats, Russian Cossack style Fur Hat, Coonskin Cap, Zhivago Pill Box Fur Hats and Roller Hats.  But to shop you need to consider a couple of things. Check out these tips.

1. Make sure that your hat is made to order.  Of not, make sure it’s not more than two (2) to three (3) years old.  Check out the warehouse it’s stored at if you can.

2. “Make sure you select the right type for hat for the right environment or use.” (Ezine Articles, 2010).  Make sure that the skin you purchase can survive in your climate.

3. Make sure that the lining is good.  They have to be done correctly or the hat won’t wear right or keep its shape.  How you test for that is place your hat upside down, if it shape maintained it’s good.


Keep your fur hat in a cool environment.  Do not let it sit out in heat or light.  Light makes it fade and heat causes it to pelt.  If it gets wet, shake it and hang it to dry. Make sure it is not a stuffy room because that will cause it to pelt as well.  Do not use any heat source to help it dry. When dry brush the hat after it dries.  Send your fur hat to a professional to clean the hat.

Now that you know what to look for and to ask when you shop for a fur hat let’s take a look at some of the types of the fur hat.

1.  Russian Style Fur Hat:  Considered the traditional fur hat, its ear flaps what people call its signature.  You can wear the ear flaps up or down during the winter.  It also has a flat top. You can secure it with a belt buckle.

2. Trapper Fur Hat:  Similar to the Russian style hat, it also has ear flaps. Unlike the Russian fur hat the Trapper has a fur lined interior with a not for exterior.  Leather or Suede outer appearance.  String tie to secure the fur hat to your head.

3. Aviator Fur hat:  Called the casual hat of the bunch with a rounded top. It has a fur inside at the front and side flaps.  It has a quilted lining on the inside of the hat with leather outer.  Buckle for securing it.

4.Russian Cossack Style:  The classy hat. It has a brim all the way around the hat. The top of the hat was indented in the middle.  It also has ear flaps.

5. Coonskin Cap:  This is you guessed it “The Davy Crockett Hat”.  It has a flat top with a fur outside and a fur tail back.  Look for “retractable ear flaps” are there.  (Ezine Articles, 2010)

6. Zhivago Pill Box Fur Hat:  It’s an oversize shaped hat made with a fur outside.  The inside was lined.

7. Roller Hats:  Known by the rounded brim that goes all around the fur hat with its rounded top this hat is worn by many.


So now you know how to search for a fur hat and what types of hats are out there.  You know what to look for and how to find a quality fur hat.  There are many places to find a fur hat but maybe not a quality fur hat.  For those who like to wear the fur you might go to a place that sells it exclusively. In my research for this article I noticed that there are few places online that you can obtain a fur hat and have it shipped to you but you will pay, even with the sales incentives offered by that particular website.

If you are searching for a good place to find a fur hat you might try your local name store at the mall such as Nordstroms or Lord and Taylor.  If not those two stores try a Saks Fifth Avenue or a Burlington Coat factory store.  Even try Arctic-store.com which is an online website that sells fur hats. Currently they are offering a 10% discount off of your entire cart if you shop online.

Arctic-store.com is an online website that sells fur and winter accessories. Their website link is www.arctic-store.com