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A Brief Insight into the Best Laptops for College Students

Just like the textbooks and the study materials, a laptop is an essential learning tool for any college student. The market is flooded with a wide variety of laptops and, sometimes, it is very difficult for a student to choose the right machine as he needs to pick one which will get his work done without burning a hole in the pocket. And, obviously, the machine needs to last for a fairly long time – 4 years of graduate studies and additional 1 year of graduate work. But before one buys a laptop, he or she needs to check with the college for any specific requirements. There are a few colleges which recommend Windows based laptops so that there are no software incompatibility issues while some others can ask a student to stick to a specific Operating system. Keeping all these criteria in mind, this article will focus on the best laptops for college students so that they can make an informed choice. 
Refrain from buying a bulky machine 
A big screen looks great but it may not turn out to be a great idea for a college student. A 13 in or a 14 in widescreen is just about perfect as it will help to minimize the weight. The laptop must have a full size keyboard and a comfortable touchpad. Some may not approve of a smaller display but it will be really hard to haul across a bulky machine when you are moving from one class to another. So always look for a machine that does not increase your weight burden by a great deal. 
Settle for standard features 
The majority of the laptops come with at least 320GB of Hard Disk space and upgrading it to 1 TB is not an expensive proposition but we recommended that you do that only if you are a wannabe filmmaker. Check whether the notebook has built-in HDMI port or not which you can use to stream a video. The webcam and the media card reader is an integral part of any standard laptop and it is only natural that the best laptops for college students are equipped with all standard features that one would find on any $2000 model. 
Should you consider buying a chromebook? 
In the last few years, the chromebook manufacturers have been quite vocal in the education market. The best part is that a Chromebook will offer almost the same functionality as a regular laptop and a longer battery life. The chromebook is also less expensive than a regular laptop as they typically cost between USD 200 & 300. The only downside is that since these systems have less storage, you should have an easy access to constant WiFi. 
We do understand that choosing the perfect laptop is a Herculean task for any student. So we have compiled a list of the best laptops for college students so that their job becomes a bit easier – 


1. Apple MacBook Air 13” 

This 13 inch laptop is very powerful and has an ultra fast processor that makes it very powerful and handy among all the laptops available in the market. However, it’s one of the most expensive machines in the market today. 
Price: USD 1099 

2. Acer Aspire Switch 11 

 It is a midrange tablet that is fully detachable and gives you the option to leave your keyboard behind and still enjoy a fully functional Windows 8.1 
Price: USD 650 
3. Acer Chromebook C720P – 2600 
The bright and clear touch screen and the long battery life make this Acer Chromebook a perfect companion for any college student. This particular chromebook is actually miles ahead of all the other chromebooks in terms of features and value for money. 
Price: USD 300 
4. Dell Inspiron 11 3000 series 2 – in – 1 
This entry level Dell machine packs in a lot of punch and is one-of-a-kind fully convertible hybrid laptop that lasts throughout the day and fully utilizes the touch screen. 
Price: USD 450 


5. Dell Inspiron 17 5000 series Non Touch 

This beautiful looking laptop offers great productivity and an above average battery life at a very low price. Although it does not have touch screen features, it actually makes up for it through its sheer performance. 
Price: USD 450 
6. HPx360 13t  Spectre 
This midrange hybrid laptop boasts of an all-metal construction and churns out a solid performance that matches the more expensive machines that are available in the market today. 
Price: USD 1000 
7. HP Stream 13 
This is one of the least expensive Windows 8.1 ultra portable laptop that features a long battery life, great looks and a processor speed that is only found in the more expensive machines. A great machine at a very affordable price! 
Price: USD 230 
8. Apple MacBook 
This 12 inch MacBook is the lightest Mac laptop and also one of the most expensive. It gives more than 14 hours of battery life! 
Price: USD 1300 
9. Dell Inspiron 13 7000 Series 2 – in – 1 
This 13 inch convertible laptop is very well built and successfully delivers a solid all-round performance and an In-Plane Switching Display. 
Price: USD 800 
10. Lenovo Yoga 3 14 
The convertible laptop have a fairly large screen and much vaunted 360 degree hinge that makes this machine stand out among other Lenovo laptops. It is one of the best systems for a college student. 

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