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CFA Study Material- What is the Most Effective Level I Exam Study Session Order? 

AnalystPrep has joined forces in a current business purchase to offer one of the finest CFA level 1 study courses on the marketplace. Their Premium package gives you unlimited access to all their study resources which is basically all you need to crush the CFA level 1 exam at first attempt.

AnalystPrep is optimum for those who want the suppleness of studying on the go from numerous mobile devices, counting tablets plus smartphones. It’s study videos are broken down into small “bite-size” classes which make the CFA learning material simple to digest.  Their cutting edge technology platform helps students study smoother, not harder.

1. Unlimited access

AnalystPrep give you unlimited access, so you never have to worry about cessation dates. You have access to the course till you pass the examination and all course content updates and software upgrades are free. These are excessive features for a CFA course; most competitors limit use to a precise time frame.

2. Mobile Device Friendly

AnalystPrep’s platform is optimized for tablet usage and permits students to study on the go.  You could work over lessons on numerous mobile devices that are all synched. Thus, you can switch among them and pick up precisely where you left off every time you log in.  The videos could be streams from iPads, iPhones, Android as well as other mobile devices.

3. Bite-Sized Classes

There is an enormous quantity of material to cover for the CFA  level 1 exam. Luckily, AnalystPrep has planned it all into clear and brief lessons. Smaller lessons give you the ability to stay engaged, retain more information, as well as monitor your development. AnalystPrep permits you to cover maximum lessons in around 30 minutes, thus you can simply fit short education sessions into your agenda.

4. Study plans

As a free resource, AnalystPrep provides study guides so you know precisely what to study every day. This helps CFA level 1 candidates know how much time they must spend studying on each chapter for the examination.

5. Free Trial

You could go to AnalystPrep’s website and try the online study resources for quick preview of the platform. A simple registration will offer you access to the 100 hours of video lectures, 150 practice questions and their performance metrics.

6. Discounts

AnalystPrep sometimes provides discount codes so students can buy the Premium at a discount. Even without these discounts, their courses is still the best bang for your buck as compared to other overpriced competitors.

Perfect User

AnalystPrep’s CFA prep materials are perfect for candidates who are in search of a complete yet simple course. The lessons are taught by experienced coaches and are intended to make studying efficient and effective.

The CFA study material comprise a study notes, 3,000+ questions, 4 mock exams, as performance metrics. The course covers each Learning Outcome Statement (LOS) in the CFA program curriculum.

The built-in performance metrics are designed to tell you your quintile ranking and your results per chapter and per sub-chapter.

AnalystPrep offers a complete and transportable way to study for the CFA Level I and FRM examinations. The bite-sized classes fit into even the most of hectic of schedules. Moreover, the ability to use the course as long as you have not passed the exam it is a wonderful bonus. All in all, AnalystPrep is probably the CFA prep provider you need to pass your CFA level 1 exam. The platform is easy to use, the questions are as hard as the actual exam, and the price point is lower than other comparable CFA study material providers.


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