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Diet Shakes: Sipping to Slimness

Diet shakes are referred to as meal replacements by dietitians. Drinking a shake replaces one entire meal and thus the shakes to lose weight really help. The other meal replacements are the pre-packaged entrees and nutritional bars.

As a dietitian, reduced calorie diet that is healthy along with regular exercise in the long-term is appropriate for anyone wishing to lose weight. However, meal replacements play a crucial role at the beginning of a new plan of eating or even as a replacement for one meal each day. You can weigh the pros and cons before deciding on a plan.

Pros of meal replacement

  • Single-serve portions come pre-packaged and is easy to keep track
  • The calories you consume must be known
  • They are convenient and quick that it is easy to use even at work
  • It gives a full feeling that you will not stray They are sure to keep you out of the fast food court and other sort of temptations

On paper or while describing it is easy to consider weight loss, but in reality eating fewer calories than 500 everyday and losing one week a pound is not simple. The problem is that this weight loss must be done with busy routines and plenty of food choices readily available and this is hard.  Packaged foods list the contents of the calorie, but meals that we eat go unnoticed. Meal replacements certainly work as few people are aware of the calorie count eaten daily. Some meals unknowingly reach 700-800 calories a day. three meals at 750 calories account to 2250 calories, while a woman requires only 1200-1500 calories a day and a man 1500-1800 calories. On adding snacks and sweets occasionally, besides soda, or alcohol means you consume more calories than actually required.

Replacing meals per day, one or two with awareness of calories surely reduce the calories number you consume. Instead of eating a meal having 750 calories, you can drink a shake with 250 calories and thus reduce the calories number as you take in by 500. On following this for a week, you are sure to lose a pound and prove shakes to lose weight are the right choice.

Meal replacements are not any magic. So as with other diets, even with meal replacements the same history goes on that on stopping using the meal replacements, weight is regained as the high caloric intake is done. Plus, meal replacement does not impart knowledge about how to decide on healthy choice for the rest of the life or the food they should eat. Thus people stopping meal replacements, generally shift back to unhealthy diet and regain weight faster. Maintaining a normal weight requires lifelong habits in eating to be followed or indefinitely to adhere to meal replacement as a routine.

Meal replacements are dietary supplements and so there is no claim about their effectiveness and it is not supported with any specific research. There are no standards for meal replacements ingredients. Some diet shakes may be highly nutritional filled with necessary minerals and vitamins. Others may contain a few healthful nutrients that are good as replacing with a can of cola your meal.

The health professionals now have taken a turn and consider meal replacement products to be effective. Nevertheless, it is mandatory to stay in limitations. Diet shakes to lose weight is acceptable, but not as the entire meal replacements. It can be a motivation start, but to be successful, you must balance with other food and exercise regularly.

Trying meal replacements is not going to do any harm. However, to be successful, it is mandatory you learn to have a balanced and healthy diet so that it helps in losing weight.

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Diet Shakes: Sipping to Slimness
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