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Mel B’s Estranged Ex Stephen Belafonte Denies Abuse Allegations

Stephen Belafonte, Mel B’s ex, and antagonized spouse denied the Spice Girls artist’s charges that he was harsh to her amid their ten-year marriage on Wednesday.

Belafonte’s attorney issued an announcement to Entertainment Tonight on April 5, saying, “What makes a difference most to Mr. Belafonte is the defense and prosperity of his little girls and step-girls. It’s a disgrace that Ms. Dark colored chose not to continue in a respectful and genial form in this extremely private matter. At the appropriate time, Mr. Belafonte will record his reaction to the crazy and unwarranted affirmations made by Ms. Darker, which he passionately denies.”

The announcement alludes to assertions made by Melanie “Mel B” Brown in which the America’s Got Talent judge guaranteed Belafonte physically and candidly manhandled her amid their relationship, including coercing her sexually by making a sex tape without her assent.

“At the point when the Court decides reality, it will turn out to be evident that this whole act was just a spread battle expected to conceal Ms. Dark colored’s lead amid the marriage in light of her present inclusion with a family network show, and with an objective of using both monetarily and concerning care of the youngsters,” the announcement proceeds. “At the point when how much Ms. Dark colored has gone to make a bogus portrayal of her marriage to Mr. Belafonte is revealed, genuine casualties and survivors of aggressive behavior at home and sexual mishandle will be justifiably irritated, furious and disturbed.”

On Monday, April 3, a judge requested Belafonte, who imparts a 5-year-old little girl to Brown, to move out of their family home. He has additionally issued a controlling request, while Brown was conceded impermanent legitimate and physical authority of their kid.