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Statement from Herbalife- Herbalife Safety Issue

Herbalife product have been traded in Iceland for the previous seven years through the full sanction of all the suitable regulatory authorities as well as we have continuing dialogue through the State Drug Inspectorate (SDI).

Herbalife shake reviews states that Customer confidence in the security and effectiveness of our products is our quantity one precedence. The reports toward which Ms. Erlingsdóttir mentions in her view piece were founded on information delivered through Professor Magnús Jóhannsson M.D. Ph.D.of the Institution of Pharmacy, Pharmacology as well as Toxicology at the School of Iceland.

A Herbalife representative encountered with Professor Jóhannsson in April 2006. Lecturer Jóhannsson uttered the view that certain products might have contained one otherwise more of nine herbal constituents he observed as a concern.

Herbalife established in writing to Lecturer Jóhannsson that the Herbalife produces licensed for sale in Iceland not ever restricted any of those herbs, through the exclusion of ginseng which could be found in one of our supplement.

We have meanwhile met yet again with Professor Jóhannsson and as a consequence he has amended several previously improper information that he was unintentionally posting on his web site.

Of the few liver-related queries the firm has received in the previous 27 years, maximum have been found to be connected to important underlying medicinal issues for example viral infection alcohol ingesting, diabetes, fatness, hepatitis, fatty liver disease, additional medical reasons or medication subjects.

The few cases that have derive to our attention have been studied by our own Nourishment Advisory Board in addition to independent medicinal liver specialists, who have all decided that there is no direct otherwise intrinsic poisonousness of Herbalife products otherwise their ingredients.

Finally we would like to explain that Herbalife does not function a “pyramid sales scheme.” Herbalife functions a multi-level marketing trade model that is in defiance with all appropriate laws and that is extensively accepted round the world.

Presently we function in 63 countries. Herbalife was registered on the New York Stock Exchange in Dec 2004 and has been in trade for 27 years.


Herbalife shake reviews states that At the central of Herbalife’s achievement is the idea that its products are safe plus healthy. In its 2012 yearly report, the firm said its products headed to “life-changing consequences.”

The metal pollution issue, which worried the cookies as well as cream flavor of Formula 1 prepared at the plant in Lake Forest, Calif., derived into focus in early 2011.

“We have a severe problem with metal pollution that we exposed over the weekend,” Joseph Plunkett, the firm’s senior vice president for universal manufacturing plus engineering, said in a private meeting on Jan. 10 that comprised Richard P. Goudis, the firm’s chief operating officer, as said by the documents studied by The Times.

A stainless steel shade in the production line was seemingly defective, tossing off minor wires that were used to grip the mesh on to its frame, Mr. Plunkett said. However a magnet was thought to catch any ruins of metallic in the product, the stainless steel of the shades was “not magnetic,” Mr. Plunkett supposed on Jan. 10.

“Production was clogged temporarily as well as a study was conducted,” as said by a statement delivered through Herbalife summarizing the occasions.

The firm replaced the shade and quarantined abundant of the dirty powder. The powder that was previously packaged — a minor amount — was predisposed of, as said by a person briefed on the material. But even with the review plan in place, suspicions lingered. “Perhaps, in hindsight, we would have shut it downcast a little faster,” one senior managerial said in the Jan. 10 discussion.

Herbalife furthermore moved to get X-ray apparatus to review the potentially dirty bottles, the brochures show. In a Jan. 18 discussion, Mr. Plunkett said the review through the X-ray machine would start the subsequent week and would probably take three weeks toward complete. The firm ultimately decided alongside using an X-ray machine owing to concerns that the cookie scraps in the formula would be hard to distinguish from metallic shards.

But another worry soon arose: the monorail scheme for the “super sacks” that restricted the raw elements had been shedding bits of metal into the product, as said by a person briefed on the matter.

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